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             Thai Percussion Frogs

Percussion Frogs sound like real frogs when you drag the stick over the ridges on their backs with the thick end of the stick staring at the back feet & coming forward to the mouth. Hold the frog by the back feet only to get the deepest sound. Holding him by the whole body will ground the sound. You want him to be able to resonate in his carved-out hollow.

They are also used in drumming circles & bands by hitting the stick under the throat.

These little critters bring smiles to all from

age 1 to 99!

They come in five sizes: Large, Medium, Small -Medium, Small & Mini.

The Mini sounds like a tree frog. The large sounds like a bullfrog...with variations in between. It is fun to have them all, then a group can create a lovely song.

Hand Carved in Thailand for Creature Comforts


"Farewell," said the fox."This is my secret, it is very simple. You can only see well with your heart. The essence of things is invisible to the eyes"...The Little Prince   1943

Thai Percussion Frogs


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