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             Thai Shrew Coconut Gratrt

9" High x 3" Wide x 22" Long

The Common Treeshrew (Tupaia glis) has a long nose, and unlike squirrels, no long black whiskers. The Common Treeshrews differ from their relatives, as their tails are layered with long hair, they have an area of naked skin just above the nose, and an earlobe that is tinier than the ear's top area. The colors of the upper body could be any of a multitude of hues, such as red, ochre, brownish, olive and dark- but not exaxctly black, just dark.

Their diet comprises of insects, leaves and fruits.

Please refer to the information on the previous page about these charming kitchen tools.

Handcarved in teak wood in Thailand

Thai Shrew Coconut Grater

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