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              The Abacus

Tallest on the Rigth: 16.75" High x 6" Wide

Middle One: 15.25" High x 6.25" Wide

Shortest on the Left: 10.75" High x 5" Wide

Abacus also called a counting frame or suanpan, is known to be the most ancient calculating device. It has been endured over time but is still used in some of the countries of the world. The entire abacus consists of a wooden frame, rod, and beads. The device was also used for small children to teach them the basic rule of addition and subtraction.

The abacus essentially consists of a number of rows of movable beads or other objects, which represent digits. One of two numbers is set up, and the beads are manipulated to implement an operation involving a second number, or rarely a square or cubic root.

This is a great gift for children to understand another way of math than a calculator.

Handmade in Thailand

The Abacus

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