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              Tiger Story: Charming Hmong Embroidered Wall Hanging

32" x 34"                100% Cotton Emboridery backed in whilte cotton

I have had many of these embroidered pieces over the years but only one like this! It is such a charming story with the words all embroidered by each picture narrating the story in English.  The detail is extraordinary. The story goes:

Many years ago a man killed a monkey but a tiger saw the man. The tiger killed the man and ate him.He put on the man's clothes. He took the man's gun and said " I am a man". The tiger went to the man's house. He said to the man's wife, " I am your husband". The wife didn't know it was a tiger. But her little sister, Yer said, " This is not a man. This is a tiger" That night the tiger ate the wife and he ate all the children. Crunch! Crunch!. Yer heard the crunch! crunch! She was scared. The next morning the tiger said," Come down" . But Yer  was afraid. She didn't come down.She threw pepper in the tiger's eyes. "OO! OW! " The Tiger said. He ran into the river and washed his eyes. Yer came down the ladder quickly. She got some salt and some pepper then she went back up the ladder. Yer saw a bird. She said to the bird" Go to my family". Tell them a tiger ate my brother - in -  law. He ate my sister and he ate their children. Tell my family to come now. So the bird went.

It may be controversial to call the story charming by the way.

Hand emboidered in Northern Thailand

Tiger Story: Charming Hmong Embroidered Wall Hanging

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