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             Lanna Foo Dog Statues in Jigsaw Mosaic of Old Pottery Shards

9.5" High x 5.5" Wide x 10" long

Lanna Foo Dogs Jigsaw are high-fired Sukhothai celadon stoneware pieces featuring a crackled finish.  The design work is all free hand drawn. The final glaze is very high quality. The folk style of the design is typical of the pottery from Lanna. These fierce sculptures are intense & comical at the same time.

Local artisans use natural materials & specialized techniques to create this unique sculpture using a variety of stoneware pieces to fit together like a jigsaw.

Guardian lions, also known as komainu, shishi, or foo dogs, are intimidating, mythical, lion-like creatures seen across a breath of art forms, ranging from architecture to tattoos. As they symbolize prosperity, success, and guardianship, they're full of meaning—which has made them popular in Western art too. Why not allow them to guard your home?

Please refer to the description of the process on the previous page.

Handcrafted in Thailand

Lanna Foo Dog Statues in Jigsaw Mosiac of Old Pottery Shards

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