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             Mango Wood Nesting Boxes

Small: 2" High x 6.5" Square

Medium: 3" High x 7.75" Square

Large: 3.5" High x 9" Square


Mango Wood is a favorite wood for carving vases, jars & boxes in Thailand. Here in this set of three boxes , each box is made of mango wood with a woven rattan framed top. These square boxes can be used for any variety of storage uses as well as double as a lovely decor piece. I use them in the bath for makeup , in the office for notes or paper clips, in the kitchen for small gadgets or spices....let your imagination go.  They are great for gifting candies or cookies or whatever .  You can break up the set and gift to three people!

Hand Carved in Thailand

Mango Wood Nesting Boxes

SKU: 3247