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                  Mango Wood Vases with Outer Rattan Design: Small, Medium, Large

Small: 8.75"  Highx 6.75 Diameter

Medium: 11" High x 8" Diameter

Large: 16" High x 9.5" Diameter

Some of these vases have small cracks on the base, not visible unless looking at the bottom.

Mango Wood is a favorite wood for carving vases, jars & boxes in Thailand. Here the vases have been carved out of a chunk of mango wood. The exterior rattan wrap & weave is accentuated by the dark ebony stain.

I love to use these with dried flower arrangements needing no care. If you want to use them for real flowers, place a glass inside to hold the water. They can stand on their own as a lovely decor piece without further embellishing too.

They are stunning in groups

Hand Carved in Thailand

Mango Wood Vases with Rattan Outer Design Work: Small, Medium, Large


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