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             Clear Sighted Owl Spirit Doll by Kim Elkins

17.5" Tall x 8" Wide x 6" Deep

Clear Sighted Owl is a creation by Kim Elkins who is known throughout the world for her unique dolls. No doll is the same,  each one is infused with a life of its own, and each one has chosen its owner before it is bought. Kim has the unique talent of transforming "found" objects into being utilized for her works of art...An old piece of Pendleton wool...home spun yarn from a neighbor's sheep...beautiful old buttons...and so much more.
Recently she did a trade for ancient beads from 1200BC. Many of her dolls are embellished with these beautiful and rare beads. Her work has been featured in many quality galleries in the US and collected by people around the world. Look carefully, maybe  this doll has preselected you!

Handcrafted in Washington

Clear Sighted Owl Spirit Doll by Kim Elkins

SKU: 2360