The Thousand Arms of Compassion

39" x 24" Framed. Painting 17" x 13"

Avalokiteśvara is a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas.The mantra most commonly intoned by Tibetans of all walks of life is that of Avalokiteshvara or, as he is known in Tibet, Chenrezig. The mantra om mani padme hum converts the mind from the self serving thoughts and invokes the spirit of universal compassion represented by Avalokiteshvara’s archetypal form.

Buddhist tradition speaks of two levels of bodhichitta, or compassionate mind.  On the relative level, compassion consists of intentional acts of kindness.  On an absolute level, bodhichitta requires a total recognition of the nondual nature of reality.  Abiding in the selflessness of our true nature, compassionate actions occur spontaneously without thought or premeditation, as expressions of enlightened awareness.

This Thangka painting was done by one of the best artists, a monk named the Rose. His liberal use of 24 K gold in the painting lends to the extreme beauty of this piece.

By Romio Shrestha &  Ian Baker: Celestial Gallery

Hand Painted in Nepal by the Rose




The Thousand Arms of Compassion

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